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From analysis to execution... we can advise you about the best strategy and execution for every aspect of technical communication and training.

As well as providing drafting expertise, TIKS can offer a full range of technical writing consultancy services. Whether you need a full audit and/or recommendation report on all technical communication and training or advice on the best approach to tackle a single project, we can provide as much or as little input as you need. We can also be onsite if that’s what you need. 


We offer:

  •  Analysis of current written communication suite

  •  Report on effectiveness of existing provision with priority recommendations

  •  Strategy and detailed plan for execution for documentation, training or both

  •  Ongoing performance assessment and review

Whether it’s template design, training or workflow planning, we can guide you towards documentation excellence.

Without setting clear objectives and a detailed plan at the beginning, it’s all too easy to waste time and money working in the wrong direction.

If you’re facing a large task, or weighing the benefits of setting up an in-house technical authoring capability, TIKS can advise on the best approach. One of our senior technical writing professionals will be assigned to you, digging deep to understand your current situation and priorities, formulate a plan of action, then work with you to achieve the best outcomes.

Choosing the right technical authoring package can be tricky. We can guide you through finding the software that matches your needs.

If you’re establishing an in-house function, maintaining an Online Help File or looking to increase capacity or performance, then selecting the best Technical Writing Software package is a vital step. TIKS can guide you through the pros and cons of each package based on your needs, budget and current level of technical proficiency.

For some, a simple word processing package like Microsoft Word may be enough. Others may need the increased capabilities offered by a desktop publishing system. More advanced users may benefit from investing in an all-singing, all-dancing multi-format content management system, like Madcap Flare.

Whatever your needs, TIKS can help select the perfect software, then work with you on a training plan, if needed.

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