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TIKS – Your Technical Writing Service for Release Notes in Houston

Keep external stakeholders in the loop with release notes. 

As technical writers, the TIKS teams knows that you understand that product changes and updates are common in the technical field. The worst thing you can do is keep glitches, debugging successes, and new releases to yourself. It’s poor business etiquette is to provide this information ineffectively, almost like an afterthought to your customers. Your customers aren’t an afterthought, they are just as vested in your product offerings as you.

Why release notes?

As a technical writing company, TIKS wants to help you to increase your customer retention rates by using release notes. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep end users, clients, and customers updated about what’s happening with your business and services. It’s a part of a successful communication strategy to provide acknowledgement of their concerns, feedback about their issues, and changes to anticipate.

Use TIKS technical writing service for your release notes.

Release notes increase customer relationship satisfaction because they communicate current product happenings - updates about enhancements, improvements, fixes, and features. You may want to give a quick update about a new feature in a few short sentences. You may also need a technical writer to communicate instructions for using newer features in a lengthy bit of text. Whichever the case, as a Houston-based technical writing company we’re sure to have you covered.


We will help you:

  1. Outline your purpose

  2. Refine it for your audiences

  3. Be as clear, brief but comprehensive and as simple to read as possible

  4. Maintain language consistent with your brand

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