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Policies and Procedures – Writer - Why you need to hire a professional.

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are an absolute for any business. We recommend that every business have a company policy which includes at least an attendance policy, a vacation policy, security policy, drug and alcohol policy, sample dress code policy, computer use policy, grievance policy, absenteeism policy, IT policy, safety policy, personnel policy, personal leave policy, and harassment policy.

How to write a policy?

Company policies must be concise and the policy writer must know the difference between policy and procedure. You might be able to find what could be called an acceptable use policy template or policy example, but with them comes many risks.

Writing policies and procedures is not something that should be done by an inexperienced policy and procedure writer. Personnel policies, accounting policies and other workplace policies should not be done by just anyone.

How to write a policy? How to write a procedure?

These questions needs to be answered by a professional writer who is not new to writing companies policy manuals and procedure manuals. The risk of using a policies and procedures manual template, a procedure manual template, policies and procedures template, an office manual template or sample policy, is in our opinion a mistake.

Policy and procedure “examples” found online carry risks.

A writer of a policy document included in workplace policies and procedures, such as recruitment policies and procedures, needs to have an experienced and seasoned understanding of the absolute correct answers to certain questions such as, “What are policies and procedures?” They need to have a clear understanding of policy versus procedure and an understanding of the importance of policies and procedures.

Written policies and effective procedure writing can only be done by someone who knows how to write effective organizational policies and procedures.

You owe it to your company to hire a professional writer instead of a “convenient” employee who will not know how to write procedure, how to write a policy or how to write a policy statement.

Documenting policies and procedures should be only done by an expert.

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