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Hiring a Technical Writing Service in Houston?

When hiring a technical writing service in Houston or beyond...

you need to make sure the service that you are going to hire understands that efficient technical writing begins with research. When selecting a writing service, it is imperative that the service be proactive in gathering all resource information. The technical writer needs to fully understand your products and services. Some of those services should include: onsite induction of products and services, identifying the expertise of the user and constant communication with and to staff about specific matters related to the scope of need.

Hiring a Technical Writing Service for Instructor Led Training

When considering a writing service for hire, the proper writing service will provide specific recommendations for the effectiveness of your technical communication, training and logistical needs that will best suit your organization’s structure. Additionally, in the search for the best fit in the selection of your writing consultant, look for a service that can provide you with a proper analysis of your current written communication methodologies, including effectiveness assessments, performance reviews and reports. The writer of choice will also be able to assist with the best selection of software and design a training process customized to your specific level of proficiencies and budget guidelines. Connecting with an experienced writer will aide your organization in the excellence of your documentation, software and training needs.

​Hiring a Technical Writing Service for a Knowledge Database

How does a technical writer benefit the knowledge database? A technical writer should have the ability to adapt grandfathered material to the best possible format allowing all stakeholders instant, real time access as needed. Hiring a writing service with a broad spectrum of a knowledge database positively benefits your organization. This eliminates the possibility of disseminating outdated information being used and creates a more unified team. In return, hiring the right writer gives you more confidence knowing that everyone is literally on the same page instead of using different versions of multiple documents.

Hiring a Technical Writing Service for Manuals and User Files The writing service that you hire should be able to create manuals and user guides that translate your technical language into plain English or any other language that you need. They should create them to help the users in a quick and effective manner without including unnecessary text and illustrations.

The writing service that you hire should be willing to spend time… a lot of time getting to know your product well before the first word is written in your manual or user files.

Hiring a Technical Writing Service for Online Help Files

The technical writing service that you hire should create concise easy to follow text. The online help files should include built-in search and glossary functions. The information should be available on your corporate intranet or available by logging in remotely. The look of the online files created by the writing service should reflect your corporate style and branding. They should create online help files for your company that work well on mobile devices.

The online help files written by the technical writing service should allow collaborative editing of content.

Hiring a Policies and Procedures Technical Writing Service

The technical writing service that you hire should create policies and procedures that are both simple and specific. The policies and procedures that they write for your company or organization don’t need to be complex, but they should not be vague.

The technical writing service should either have experience writing technically for your industry or have a history of doing technical writing for various companies covering a wide range of complexities.

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