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Technical Writing Company Houston- TIKS

Our technical writing company delivers technical writing which is done by writers who are detail oriented, organized and technologically familiar.

TIKS can handle your project coordination, technical writing/editing, training, website administration, instructional development, computer enhancements and user testing.

Our clients have included various industries such as banking, software development and oil & gas (downstream and upstream).

As a technical writing company in Houston, we are recognized for innovative and creative ideas.

Do you need to increase production and workflow processes through training and education?

We offer those also.

TIKS team maintains outstanding communication skills. We have a self-starting attitude and a high level of resourcefulness and initiative.

Our TIKS team members have a powerful level of creativity and the ability to work on your projects both independently and as a team . When you need documentation software, DITA compliant documentation, XML to create documentation, process documentation, website content, interviewing SMEs, desktop publishing, online help text, manuals, the linking of help files to software, white papers, call us. We can help.

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