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Hiring a Technical Writing Service for Release Notes

What do you need to know about hiring the right technical writing service for your release notes?

Release notes are messages intended for different audiences concerning your products and services. Release notes have been known to play vital roles in increasing customer retention, relationship, and experience. A good candidate to write your release notes will understand the significance of this task. They know that they will be the formal, documented, and most distributed communicator of pertinent news for your company.

How to know which technical writing company is best for your release notes composition? Here are some tips to help you make the best selection for the job.

1-Processing and Planning

Understanding the purpose and needs of your release notes is important, and many focus on that when composing them. However, understanding all the factors involved in creating and disseminating them are just as important, but too often are overlooked. When you speak with a technical writer, tell them that you need a release note and why, then gauge their curiosity. They should ask you questions about your business communication structure, past distribution strategies, target audience identification etc. It’s always a red flag when a writer with no history with your company has no questions. You want someone who will immerse themselves in the composition of your company, because you need them to be able to communicate information effectively to all recipients.


When you need to get information out to clients, customers, and other end users, you’ll never just use a one-memo-fits-all approach. It must be customized for each audience; otherwise, no one will pay attention to it. When looking to hire a company, that offers release notes, such as a technical writing service, ask them about their approach to different audiences. The wrong approach combined with the right message is just as bad as the wrong message with the right approach. Make sure your technical writing company advocates the right message and approach combination.

3-Implementation and Assessment

Have you ever sent out 5 different emails, only to find that the recipient never actually looked at them. If they did; they didn’t read them? Writing release notes is also about ensuring your communiqué has been received by the intended audience. Ask your release notes technical writer how they measure the effectiveness of a communication campaign? How to implement changes for retention? If a communication campaign is not getting through to the readers, how can they help to fix the issue?

4-Writing Samples

Ask for writing samples. You want a technical writer who has a proven record of accomplishment of success or who at the very least demonstrates the ability to be clear and concise in their writing. Does their writing seem ambiguous to you? Ask them to explain the intended audience, tone, and processes that made the samples successful. Also, do the samples include proprietary information? You want writers that you can trust with your business information. If they aren’t meticulous about detail or they don’t understand the significance of sharing only necessary content, you may want to consider another technical writing company.

5- Just Ask Them

Whichever technical writing company you hire to write your release notes needs to be able to specifically elaborate on that service. How well can they articulate the benefits of release notes? Ask them about the common errors businesses make with them. If they can’t articulate the relevance to customer relationship, retention, and experience, best chances are they aren’t as familiar with this service as you will need them to be for you. Altogether, finding the perfect writing service to handle your release notes can be difficult; but if you follow these tips from TIKS Technical Writing Company, you’re sure find the perfect fit. Better yet, why not seek the source, TIKS to handle the job for you. For a consultation or for information, click here, TIKS Technical Writing Company or email TIKS Technical Writing Company - when you need it written and written well!

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