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Project tasks may seem daunting and overwhelming, but for our technical writing staff, we love them! In fact, the more complex the better.

TIKS—Houston’s Technical Writing services—offers years of experience to simplify and bring clarity to even the most complex project tasks.

Our expert writing and graphic teams will know where you’re going and show you how to get there.

First, we’ll gain a clear understanding of your project needs, what your goal is and how you want to get. Our team is more than just making documents read well and look nice. We do our homework. We actively listen and hear our clients’ needs.

Then, with our strong expertise and know-how, we help you plan, outline and prioritize your project tasks. TIKS technical writing professionals have years of experience across a range of complexities and industries.

Next, we’ll take the ball and bring your project task to life. We’ll refine it for your audience, keeping the words and the visuals consistent with your brand. We’ll be writing it, but it will be your voice. We’ll develop a simpler and more specific way your project documentation can be presented.

  • Research, research, research.

  • Establish deadlines.

  • Write: Outline, Draft, Edit.

  • Write some more. Edit, edit, edit. Proof, proof, proof.

  • Bring design and content together. Edit, proof, edit, proof.

  • Polish. Finalize. Disseminate.

Working closely with the assigned Subject Matter Expert (SME) from your staff, you’re in the loop during the whole process. We hold each other accountable to bring your project task across the finish line!

We’ll work harder so you look smarter. Your employees, clients, and customers will be able to comprehend, engage and execute so that your project task, when completed, exceeds your expectations.

TIKS Documentation & Design, Technical Writing services in Houston is comprised of technical authoring professionals specializing in producing precise, hard working and user-friendly technical documents. We are a MBE/WBE certified company. Our team experience spans 20 years of technical writing services for companies big and small, from Fortune 1000 to tiny two-guy startups. Our team includes Technical Writers, Editors, Information Developer, Engineering Technicians, Trainers, Project Managers, Team Leads and Website Administrators.

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