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IT Training Material Writer – Houston

In today’s information technology driven workforce in Houston, Texas, having IT training materials for your clients is important. Companies expect a smooth adoption for their employees to learn new, technological approaches to how they are conducting business. In today’s web-based driven environment, organizations of all sizes rely on IT as the core of what keeps their businesses successful.

If you are a computer software or hardware provider, we can help you write clear, concise customized information technology procedures and training materials so that you can offer your customers convenient learning solutions for their teams. Well-developed training materials also help minimize customer support calls and customer frustration. Having friendly, easy to understand IT training materials also give your clients a reason to come back and give recommendations.

Getting the right IT training documentation in place for your clients will transform their business and yours from good to great. Having written and published training packages will take your company to the next level in information technology communication.

Well written training documentation is necessary for all your clients, from startups and non-profits to established businesses and enterprises.

TIKS Documentation & Design, in Houston, will help your company master its information technology procedures to maximize your client’s team efficiency. Our expert technical writers will walk alongside you to determine best practices for your IT training materials from strategy to execution.

TIKS Houston expert technical writers will:

  • Analyze your current IT documentation and needs, software, and hardware

  • Report on effectiveness of information technology procedures

  • Strategize with you on prioritizing your IT Training Documentation

  • Provide an ongoing assessment and review of IT material performance

  • Advise on IT automation help solutions for your business and provide workflow training documentation

By providing easy to follow IT training materials, business teams will learn the function of your IT technology as well as how it aligns with their business goals. TIKS, expert technical writers will organize your IT training into user-friendly packages that are defined, and users can easily find the information they need. This makes the adoption a smoother and more simple transition for the organization

We provide:

  • Web-based online/virtual help files for even greater team efficiency. Web-based IT training packages can be kept in-house on a corporate intranet, internet or extranet.

  • Instructor-Lead Training by TIKS’s professional technical writing is available onsite at your organization. We will lead your team through best practices for your IT training packages.

  • Knowledge Databases provide instant access and dissemination to all stakeholders, keeps procedural consistency across the brand, lowers support costs and improves productivity.

  • User Guides help your customers understand the specific benefits of the software or IT system. User guides use simple language to ensure all levels of technical users will understand and be able to apply it to their performance.

  • Release Notes to communicate updates, enhancements, fixes, improved features.

Contact our Houston technical writing offices at TIKS (888) 468-0920 or

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