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Technical Documentation Specialist Houston

Houston, Texas is an incubator of innovative and advanced technology. As a Houston technical writing specialist team, TIKS is here to help Houston businesses with their technical documentation needs. We will partner with you and your team as your technical writing specialists bringing creativity, innovation, and completion to your technical writing project needs.

Well written technical documentation equips business teams to quickly grasp the technology required for them to perform their roles and fully understand the technology required for their jobs. TIKS, technical documentation writers provide user-friendly technical manuals so that information is easily found and understood, and implemented, by users. The technical writing specialists at TIKS in Houston, Texas, know how to break down, organize and package complex technical information into well-structured, easily-understood technical communication documents.

Such as:

  • Technical Manuals

  • Technical Design Documents

  • Technical Proposals

  • IT User and Technical Documentation

  • Technical Specification Documentation

Technical documentation is considered a "necessary evil" in small and large businesses throughout Houston, Texas. Hiring an experienced technical writer specialist for your technical writing projects will reduce loss of employee down time trying to “figure stuff out,” boost morale and increase productivity.

TIKS technical authors are well-versed in a variety of technical proposals. With each writing project involving technical proposals, they will ensure the proposal is:

  • Structured, consistent and logical throughout the proposal and addresses all technical specifications.

  • Easy to read, designed pleasantly and simply in the fewest pages as possible.

The technical writer specialist will work with the proposal team and subject matter experts to be sure the technical proposal covers all aspects of the work breakdown, package descriptions, planning, deadlines, and cost.

Our team of technical authors approach each writing project with creativity and pride. Each technical writing project is custom tailored to fit your needs and culture of your organization. Our technical writing professionals analyze your technical communication documentation and their user-friendliness, make recommendations for improvements on the technical documentation and then customize the writing and design of your technical documentation. Our technical writers also assists in customizing technical training packages to each organization’s needs, budgetary parameters, and business strategies and objectives.

TIKS technical documentation and technical design team, has the knowledge and experience to produce quality, simple, and clear technical documentation for all your technical communication documents, technical specification documents and any type of technical business writing. TIKS technical authors have many years of technical writing project experience to meet the technical documentation requirements for companies throughout the Houston, Texas area and beyond.

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