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Technical Communication, Professional Writing Services, and Staff Training - Houston

TIKS Documentation & Design Technical Writing Service located in Houston, Texas, offers a full array of technical professional writing services including staff training, communication audits, performance analysis, and technical communication strategies and execution. Our professional and technical writers specialize in producing professional communication and user-friendly technical documentation.

Your technical communication best practices always starts with setting clear objectives, detailing strategies to achieve those objectives, and a timeline to have it completed.

Your communication technical documentation best practices should include a communication audit, analysis, strategy and execution plan for your technical communications as well as staff training.

As a technical writing services consultant, TIKS can assist you with your technical communication plan. With over 20 years of technical writing expertise, TIKS’ professional writing services team in Houston provides your business with:

  • A review and audit of current written technical communication format and delivery systems

  • An analysis on the effectiveness of existing technical documentation, prioritizing technical communication needs for both staff and customers

  • A strategic and intentional execution plan, including training

  • Ongoing performance evaluation and auditing

  • Instructor-Led Staff Training for Communication Documentation

A vital component for your professional and technical writing documentation best practices is to focus more on the “how” rather than the “what.”

Your technical communication toolbox should make it easy for users to find the technical documentation they need, quick and easy. A well-crafted and designed technical document should make it simple to find information and provide step-by-step instructions that result in the desired end result. This includes easy-to-understand technical writing descriptions and documentation graphic design.

TIKS professional communication experts also offer onsite instructor-led training for technical documentation user guides and product manual authoring software. Our team also provides professional training manual templates.

With a full team of technical writers, project managers, website administrator, engineering technicians, graphic design specialists, trainers, and information developers, TIKS takes your technical documentation to the next level.

TIKS’ professional communication team helps information to flow off the page, giving instant access and dissemination of technical information. From analysis to execution, combined with instructor-led staff training, your businesses communication best practices will bring procedural consistency to all locations and offices, lower costs for support help, and improve workforce productivity.

Bringing added value to the Team, owner and founder, Tameka Young, is a certified ScrumMaster and Scrum Product Owner. She and her team can help your teams prioritize your technical communication to-do-lists, guide, train, implement, and improve teamwork and productivity.

Whether it’s documentation template design, report design, instructor led training, workflow planning, or technical documentation software recommendations, TIKS can help you achieve technical documentation excellence and communication best practices.

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